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Born and raised in the Edmonton area, Christine de Bruin(maiden name Bushie) began her athletic career as a track and field sprinter. Christine competed for the University of Alberta team for two years receiving a bronze in the 60m at CanWest Championships and a bronze medal for the 4x200m relay at the CIS Championships. 

But she realized she was falling out of love for the sport and that making a Canadian team was no longer her dream. She told her coach she was going to give it up and focus on finishing her degree in Kinesiology. Her coach understood but told Christine that she had the potential to go to an Olympics. He convinced Christine to go down to Calgary to try out for the Canadian Bobsleigh Team. So to please her coach, she did just that. And to her surprise she made the development team as a brakeman that would be heading to Europe.

Christine’s bobsleigh career accelerated after that. She made the World Cup team as a brakeman and half way through the season, she got “promoted” to a driver. Although it is more luxurious to be a pilot because you can actually see where you are going in the curves and you have control over what the bobsleigh does, this also meant she would be put back into the development team and the Sochi Olympics were going to be out of her reach.

At the same time, she found out that she had a bulged disc between her L5 and S1 vertebrae that would later turn in to sciatica that would travel down to her toes in her left leg for three years after that. Many people thought that she was permanently injured and would never be successful in bobsleigh again. But nonetheless, Christine got a 4th place in her first ever international competition and later received 3 gold medals. 

She has now competed on the World Cup tour for 2 years and competed at the Pyeongchang Olympic Games this past February placing 7th overall. 

Christine's next goal is to compete at the Beijing Olympics in 4 years. In order to continue to be competitive, Christine de Bruin must raise $10,000 to buy her own newest and fastest bobsleigh runners(skis). She already has 2 part time jobs and government funding but this is still not enough to save up for her set of runners. Sponsorship package templates are found by clicking the "Sponsorship Packages" button at the bottom of this page. These can be customized to your specific needs. 


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